Well... I guess I have a blog now.

I’m gonna try to keep this short because, honestly, I’m not really sure what I want to write in this blog in the first place. So, if I can’t tell you what’s going to go in the blog, maybe I’ll give a few reasons why I wanted to start one in the first place:

Part One: SMS (Social Media Stinks)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about social media and my personal relationship to it. Mostly that I spend all of my time on it looking at friend’s posts but never actually putting anything up myself. I barely tweet (in spite of my proclamation at the beginning of this year), and Instagram is a source of endless stress in general. In a weird way I actually like Instagram, it’s nice to keep up with friends, even though it’s obviously in a pretty limited capacity, and I like having a place to share the very few photos of myself that I actually like.

That said, more often than not instagram just brings me a fun, cute little mild level of pervasive stress. It just really preys on my sense of feeling like I’m missing out every time I see a friend going to coffee with another friend, or going to a party, or even just having a good day. No matter how recently I did any of those things myself I always get this sense that I should be in that headspace too, that I should be feeling as good about myself as they do about themselves, because look at them: they’re doing really well, and look at you: you’re just staring at your phone. And I want to get away from that feeling! Anyway…

Part Two: It’s All Just White

Have you ever actually, really, taken a look at Instagram or Twitter? Or any other major site? They’re /so/ bland. Every piece of content is just neatly packaged within the exact same way that every other thought or picture looks. I'm just bored of it. It's boring. I’m not looking at my specific friend's tweets, they all just blend into... Tweets. So I wanted a space for myself, which brings me to…

Part the Last: My Own Little Corner of the Internet

I wasn’t alive in the 90s and I’ve been as annoyed with 90s nostalgia as the next guy… But damn did the 90s seem fun. Especially the diy philosophy of the internet. Everything just seems like it was so colourful, and bright, and, well, fun! I grew up on the last days of the sort of “pre-corporate” internet, as I’m gonna call it, and I remember finding this terribly formatted wiki site that was like the ONLY place I could find anything about the fourth Digimon TV series. And god dammit just like those 90s kids, I’m remembering. I want my own little corner of the universe, a place made by me and available for anyone who’s interested. My own little stupid page that feels like that digimon fanpage from back when.

Well anyway,

I suppose that’s it!

This is my blog.

There’s a pretty good chance I’ll lose interest soon and won’t make it past a couple of posts. But I hope not. I hope I’ll stick with this for a bit. I hope that one or maybe even a couple of my friends decide to make blogs of their own, and I can put lil’ icons on this page that link to their pages. I hope that I think of some fun things to put on here, and I can make a small catalogue of posts to peruse. But most of all, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by! :)